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  Kömmerling systems

  Profil-I Ltd. is an official representative of the Kömmerling brand, Germany – Europe’s No. 1 door and window PVC profiles manufacturer.
Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is a synthetic material which, in practice, is a crude oil derivative product. Today, it is one of the best studied materials. The new stabilizers – calcium and zinc, which are used by Kömmerling instead of lead,  contribute not only to the environmental protection, but make window profiles ever more weather-resistant and with more durable luster and life as well.

  The qualities of Kömmerling profile systems make them an excellent choice when it comes to residential buildings:

  • excellent thermal and sound insulation properties
  • lack of condensation if correct and regular airing is provided
  • easy maintenance – Kömmerling  offers agents for cleaning white and color joinery
  • extensive color range of folios
  • wide fillister enabling installation of multiple glazing units with various thicknesses up to 39 mm
  • ecofriendliness
  • The Kömmerling systems offered by us have a profile width of 70 mm and provide two options of external geometry:
  • Eurofutur Elegance system – with a markedly oval shape of sash and frame;
  • Eurofutur Classic system -  with classical forms of sash and frame.
  • The above systems fit perfectly in both new, modern residential buildings and the renovation of old residential buildings. They feature a stable cross section of profiles, exceptional statics (thickness of internal walls) and up to a 6-chamber structure with thermal transmittance of Uf = 1.3 W/m2.K by integration of steel reinforcement.  

    ROLAPLUS roller shutters are especially designed for the Kömmerling systems. They are suitable for both old and new construction. They provide security, warmth and coziness; and thanks to the noise-absorption material they are manufactured of, they provide additional sound insulation. ROLAPLUS roller shutters are combined with a rolling up mosquito screen.

    For a finished look and easy maintenance of the under window area, Profil-I offers inner under window PVC boards in four main colors – White, Marble, Gold Oak and Mahogany.

    EUROFUTUR Classic EUROFUTUR Elegance Colour scheme Persiennes